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Mobile Connect Journey - Founded in 2017


With the intention of offering trustworthy and effective smartphone repair services in Underwood, Mobile Connect was founded in 2017. We set out on a journey to become a one-stop shop for all your smartphone needs with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a love of technology. We have grown and expanded our services over the years thanks to our commitment and knowledge, and we have become a dependable Telstra partner in the area.

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Finance is a complex word and it is definitely not just about getting the best interest rates on your mortgage. Finding the best rates available is probably a 5-minute task for us, and with technology such strong - anyone could do that.

We are

  • Loan approval experts

  • Full MFAA & AFCA member

  • Accredited to offer products from almost all mainstream banks and non-bank lenders.

  • Able to get complex deals approved

  • Able to do FREE Valuations for your property for a true assessment of your current financial condition

  • Experts in finding the most suitable and competitive deals for you in the whole industry

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One of the leading grocery chains in Brisbane, Australia.

Founded in 2010, with 4 stores in Aspley, Springfield, Sunnybank Hills and Toowong.

RealWay Edge in Greater Springfield is far more than a name - It defines Real Service. With a team of qualified and professional agents, we deliver Real Results.

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Supreme Solar Power is one of the most prominent solar energy companies, and specialise in solar and environmental solutions for residential homes and businesses.

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Our experts support you in university admission, IELTS / PTE training, financial assistance, visa documentation, travel bookings, foreign currency exchange, accommodation, and even airport pickups. Our counsellors are sensitive to your requirements and recommend you the best possible solutions accordingly.

Contact Amog- 0426821342

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Relianz Home Loans and Financials Company is to provide access to home loans and car loan,business loan at competitive interest rates.

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FinTax Partners is an accounting and mortgage broking firm with a diverse range of clients in terms of industry, geographic location and types of services required. Our Firm has extensive experience in a variety of accounting and income tax requirements along with mortgage broking to home buyers & investors to small and large business clients.


BOSS Group, Ready for Tomorrow.
Established in October 1997, BOSS Consulting Inc has been involved in tapping the enormous high-technology human resource base that India has to offer to the world in the specific area of software.
Winning &Thriving in the Information Age

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OZPEAT is a natural, 100% organic, biodegradable coco peat, an excellent plant growing medium suitable for your backyard gardening, growing vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruits, flowers, including backyard planting, wall gardening, lawns and potted plants.
OZ PEAT is a perfect plant growing medium with high water retention capacity with very high air porosity. OZPEAT is tested and certified for the absence of weeds and pathogens. OZPEAT is soft on plants with all natural nutrients needed for plant health and achieve high yield. This clean coir has natural plant root zone protection and anti-fungal properties.

OZPEAT is an ideal plant growing medium and an ALTERNATIVE TO SOIL to grow your desired plant healthy.


Seeking the guidance of our team of experts in your visa application process will be a wise decision to ensure the best possible outcome and to eliminate potential visa rejection or deportation.

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