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Brisbane Kannada Shale

The Kannada language is an ancient South Indian Language, one of the four major literary languages of the Dravidian family, with a long history and rich literature.

We at Brisbane Kannada Shale believe that the mother tongue plays a very important role in developing thoughts, shaping experiences, exploring customs, and articulating values, and in preserving the culture and heritage.

Brisbane Kannada Shale seeks to preserve and promote Kannada culture and language beyond India. In addition to providing materials for learning Kannada, BKS encourages cultural activities such as music, dance, drama, and any art form based on Kannada language and culture. We strive to create a program that is focused and instructive, while at the same time being energetic and fun. We hope to create an environment, where the Kannada language and culture are valued and a sustainable community is created.

For more information and Enquiries:

Sneha Rajkumar: 0470226390


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